Svetlana Romanova – Elite Personal Trainer, International Fitness, Cover and Bikini model, WBFF PPO

Svetlana has been involved in athletic activities and training for over twenty years. Her combined experience as a professional athlete in Freestyle, Group Fitness leader, Dance aerobic instructor, Fitness education manager, Weight Training Instructor and Personal Trainer, and has resulted in a dedicated fitness professional.

Svetlana has been part of the Russian National Freestyle Mogul Team for six years. She has been the winner and participant of numerous European and Russian Mogul Skiing Championships. Mastering Sports in Freestyle, Mogul.

Svetlana also had troubles in her sport life: concussions, dislocated shoulders, severe knee injury that required a surgery and even a broken back (vertibrate). Positive thinking, abiding faith and hard work helped her to recover and to train even harder.

Svetlana finished university and post-graduate program on physical education and sports. Svetlana started her fitness career as a group fitness instructor and soon became an Aerobic Education Manager, owner and general manager of a fitness club in Russia.

After deciding to compete in a fitness competitions in Canada Svetlana signed up for WBFF organization to compete in a regional competition in British Columbia. Svetlana got 1st place in fitness model category, as well as second place in bikini category. Svetlana became the overall champion of the WBFF 2010 British Columbia competition and received her WBFF PRO Card.

Svetlana graced multiple covers of international magazines, appeared on billboards and is a brand ambassador for a Canadian jewelry company.

In 2017, Svetlana created a revolutionary system, PsychoFitness, for achieving the best version of one’s body by means of subconscious mind. She successfully developed an online course and taught students from all over the world. Thousands of attendees had a life changing experience. At the moment Svetlana is writing a book about PsychoFitness methodology, techniques and real world examples.