Making Healthy Energizers is fun and easy!

If you’re a candy-craver, don’t despair. These healthy Energizers can be part of  your healthy meal plan. They can be a great addition to breakfast or a mid day snack.


10-12 Prunes

1 cup of your favorite (or mix) raw nuts (Almonds, Walnuts or Pecans)


A little bit of dark unsweetened chocolate(optional)

Dried coconut shreds (optional)

Soak the prunes in hot water, so that they’re easily blended into a soft paste.  Put cup of raw almonds and walnuts(or pecans) in a food processor or  strong blender and use a pulse function until they’re nicely ground.

Add  soaked blended prunes and a little water and mix all together or process on low until the prunes and nuts become a mass. Note that for different types of nuts, you’ll have to adjust the number of prunes.


For some variety, bring out some unsweetened dark chocolate, dried coconut,  protein powder, or any of your favorite nuts and dried fruit. Dates and nuts will make a perfect combination as well. Try them and keep the rest in the refrigerator for a few days.

Enjoy 🙂

Post Author: Svetlana Romanova