1. Tell us about yourself (i.e.. profession, accomplishments etc.).

I am an over-eater and I like things that are not good for my body. I acknowledge I have an eating problem that is difficult to control on my own. I am committed to change my ways and take control of my health, weight and lifestyle. My wish is to acknowledge my weakness and strike balance between the healthy lifestyle I want to live and my needs as a human being to indulge from time to time. I will reach my peak physical potential by taking educated bites and steps. I will educate myself about every morsel of food I cram into my body and appreciate how many steps it will take to work off a muffin. To reach this objective I know that I have to own my behavior. Others in life will probably not share my goals and both of our achievements will reflect that. I will not be influenced to do anything that will prevent me from reaching and maintaining my goal of a fun and healthy lifestyle. I have no excuse, I will not excuse and I am not an excuse. I will reach my potential and am in continuous competition with myself to do so.

Right now I’m a BodyLogix and South Seas sponsored athlete, full-time fitness model, actor and host. I have been very fortunate and blessed to have been published on the covers of magazines as well as inside. A little-known fact, I have been on over 18 romance novel covers.

2. What role does fitness play in your life? What are your future goals?


Fitness is my job, hobby and passion; I eat and breathe the quality of life and the extension of it. My goals are to create a brand and make a living inspiring others to reach and own their physical potential.

3. Who/what inspires you to be the best you can be?

I have not always made the best decisions and I’ve disappointed many who care about me. I am inspired to pay forward the help I have been awarded and show that I was not a bad investment. That goal is endless because I have been given much.

4. What is your favorite healthy meal? what is your favorite exercise?

My favorite healthy meal has to be breakfast, I love oatmeal and I love chocolate even more. So every morning I make 1 cup of oats and add 2 scoops of BodyLogix protein making the entire experience fantastic to my taste buds. My favorite muscle blasting exercise is dips, when I’m in a hurry, mad at something or just want to annihilate my upper body, I will go to the gym and knockout 400 dips in 50 minutes. I walk out with the best pump ever.

5. What is something most people don’t know about you?;)


I have not always been a cover model, I have a background in construction where I spent 16 years learning to build and modify houses. I am a journeyman hanger, taper, framer and had my own business. The fall of the housing market and construction trades killed my business and stole my security. I was left with “what to do now”, I decided that if I was to be broke and start over, I might as well try and do something that I love to do. I love fitness and I love being a fitness model!

I have lived a tough life of making poor decisions redundantly. Those decisions cost me valuable years I could’ve used to attain my goals and be where I would like to be already. I say it like that because I want people to believe and understand that where they are now doesn’t have to be where they stay. Most of you reading this are on the way up and will use this article to fuel their efforts but for those of you that are lost or confused as to what your path is or should be……You could be in a bad relationship, hate your job, have a needle in your arm, anything! It does not really matter the situation if it is negative in your eyes………Believe, believe, believe and before you know it you will have made decisions that are changing your reality toward the dream you have! Never stop dreaming!

Thank you for this opportunity; you are an amazing woman and fitness personality. Good to you in your efforts in this industry and be well.

I am David Kimmerle and I work every day to be a success story.



Post Author: Svetlana Romanova