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Success Stories

Dear All: It has been extraordinary working with Sveta in the last part of my journey to WBFF BC’s. As a health and wellness specialist, I can assure you that Sveta succeeds as a ‘leader of the pack’ when it comes to her true understanding of the industry, not to mention her absolute dedication to perfection makes her one of the most sought out fitness experts. She is a living example of a true modern woman and working with her has been an honor and pleasure.

Sveta, words cannot describe how thankful I am to you for not only believing in me, but supporting me in my journey to acquiring my WBFF Pro card in my first-ever Bikini Diva competition.

Harpreet Pandher

I have been friends with Svetlana for a year now. Her strength and how quickly and successfully she achieved her goals has always impressed me. I knew that she is a trainer who not only competed in different fitness competitions, but trained others to compete as well. I have always wanted to model, and with my dance background and love for the stage I decided that participating in a fitness competition was a natural next step.
Svetlana taught me to train smart, not hard and how to listen to and adjust my training to my body. With her wealth of knowledge and motivating attitude, I was able to achieve my goals quickly.

I competed in my very first fitness competition and placed 5th. My confidence level is higher than it has ever been and I look forward to my next competition and everything the future has in store for me!
Dasha Knyazev

I was an average skinny fat girl. But I was a girl with a Dream. It was a dream to become a professional competitor. I haven’t had any knowledge and guide to make my Dream comes true. And only Sveta made me feel that I do not have any limits and obstacles to reach my goals! It was 6 months of hard work. We celebrated little victories and never gave up.
Sveta’s philosophy is to be a winner not only on the stage, but to FEEL LIKE A WINNER.
The training session with Sveta is the lesson how to make your body and mind more beautiful and strong. This is her lifestyle and I want it to be a part of my life! The next year my fitness results will accelerate and you will be proud of your trainee!
The atmosphere of professionalism, support and friendship is the key of her sessions.
It is an amazing journey of reaching your goals with a professional Coach and sincere Friend.

Sveta, thank you for everything you have done for me!
Irene Erokhina

After researching numerous trainers, I found Svetlana by chance and I am lucky I did. We had an instant connection. Her disciplined, creative and informative approach has inspired me to set higher goals for myself and has given me the confidence to do more.
Not only do I feel better about myself, but she has also inspired me to compete. I just participated in my 1st fitness competition & placed 3rd! I could not have done it without her. She is motivating, inspiring and confident in her ability to make a difference in others. I actually look forward to my workouts and can’t wait to see the results in the future!

Sveta, I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help me.
– Meghan Amelia

I have been training with Sveta for one year now and am loving each and every one of our sessions. I leave feeling so energized and excited about the progress we make each time.

Sveta is a great motivator and makes exercising fun, she has many years of experience and is extremely knowledgable. She takes in to account every individual clients wants and needs for top notch results.

I will continue to train with Sveta as she is a wonderful trainer and has become a dear friend. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to train with the best trainer in Vancouver.
-Breanna Laubach

My journey with Svetlana began the day I met her. The first thing I said to her was, ‘woman you look good!’. We instantly started talking fitness and I was moved by her passion and incredible story. Sveta has spark. Sveta is an overcomer. Sveta understands the psychology behind reaching your personal health and fitness goals and she is SO ENCOURAGING and so fun! I am 6 weeks into my training with her and it’s been so much more than I imagined.

I remember after one of my first sessions, I left the gym so rocked by her kind words, I was already starting to think bigger about what I could achieve. The next week she had me on an eating plan after reviewing my food diary and I kid you not, it has REVOLUTIONIZED my body, energy levels and the way I do food. I was a cardio junkie and She has me working out SMARTER ! ( I do weights on my own now!!) I’m at the gym less and seeing weekly results.
I’m eating SMARTER now – I eat way more food, way more often, but the right food! Those are some of my biggest changes thus far in my habits and we gave really targeted them. I’ve worked out years without my body changing so the results to these changes have been so encouraging.

My current goal is to have some sweet Abs for my trip to the Bahamas and I am just floored at how my body is responding already. I have these great muscles showing everywhere and all my clothes just fit that much better! My confidence is up – Sveta brings such a wealth of experience to the table every time we meet! She lives this stuff – and she is teaching me how to as well!
At this point I’m just really thankful and ready to keep going, keep learning and enjoying the fabulous results!

– Alyssa Joy Cooke

When I started to workout with Svetlana it changed my life. She altered my food habit and I began to drink more water (from 0.5 liter to 2.5 liter per day). After 6 sessions of our training I felt a huge difference in my body. I started to lose weight and my health got better. I felt more energized and stronger.
I’m happy that I met her. She’s good trainer! She knows what she’s doing 🙂
– Iuliia Tsymbal

I have been attending Sveta’s fitness classes as well as working out with her on a private basis for the past year. My goal was to gain more strength and muscle mass. In addition, I wanted to feel more energized and stronger.
Initially, it was a lot of hard work and painful days (good pain:)). However, after almost 6 months I could notice that my core was stronger and I could easily do the exercises that I wasn’t comfortable doing before.
Svetlana has a great knowledge on fitness and nutrition and she will definitely help her clients to the best of her ability. She takes her client’s needs into consideration and designs an individualized exercise and nutrition program based on her client’s needs.
I continue working out and training with Svetlana on a regular basis. She is fun to workout with and full of energy. She is by far the greatest personal trainer that anyone could ask for.
– Nasim

In the first few sessions of training with Svetlana I knew it was going to be hard work, with great results. Within my first 8 sessions i noticed a big change in my body. I couldn’t believe that my clothes were already fitting a lot better. After 6 weeks I had lost inches everywhere and looked a lot slimmer. As well as the physical changes I have a lot more energy and feel stronger. Svetlana works wonders I would recommend her to everyone especially if your want to change fast. She knows what shes doing, the sessions are never boring and you will actually be looking forward to your workouts!
– Neelam

Within the first few moments of my very first session with Sveta I learned that this trainer doesn’t like to waste any session time…”Okay, let’s go!” she smiled and off I went trying to keep up with her as we made our way past the machines…she moves fast. The results I achieved training with Sveta over the following weeks and months were beyond my expectations. I have always been a slim guy, I kept fit with a lot of running but I wanted to get stronger so I started to spend more time with weights on my own. I was getting some results but it wasn’t until I started training with Sveta did I realize how quickly the body can transform and how rewarding it is. I get a lot more attention with my new fit body and I love it! I also have to say that training with Sveta is so much fun, she is one of the nicest people I know and her charming positive personality makes you look forward to each session!

– Gurjant Mann B.A.

WOW… when i first met Sveta i was blown away with her knowledge and ability to make me want to push myself to and past the limits i felt my body had. As i continue to work with her i am becoming not only physically strong but mentally strong as well. She is always inspirational but honest and i respect that. With that it brings me to a point where i want to start to impress her with what i can do and ask her to help me through what i am not confident i can do.
Thanks Sveta!:)

– Shawna

It’s been a successful five months since i’ve been working out with Sveta. Whenever I want to give up during a workout she’s always behind me cheering me on. But when the workout session’s finally over, I always beg for more! She’s like my guardian angel who turned my life around.

Life before meeting her was something I cannot look back again. I guess I never would have imagined who I can be today. Now I am a whole new person inside and out.

Sometimes I don’t remember that I am 40lbs lighter now. When someone compliments or looks at me i wonder why. It’s funny how I don’t believe I am the girl who I see in the mirror today. It takes a lot of inspiration and faith. When you believe in yourself it’s the biggest step in achieving your goal.

Nothing is impossible, only if you think it is.

Thinking back how little self-esteem I had before and how unhappy I was with myself. How many times did you try something on and it doesn’t fit? Doesn’t look good? Or you have to wear the biggest size in the store? Well, that feeling is not a good feeling.

So if you’re just thinking about changing your lifestyle or perhaps your whole life, don’t just sit there take action right now! I know you can do it!You have nothing to lose except for your time and self-esteem.

– Jennifer

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