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My Favorite Fitness Tips. Part 4

Don’t focus on what you don’t want! Focus on what you want instead! Keep it positive:)

Keep focused on your goals. Think about the things you want! Try different activities and keep it fun!

Dump the people in your life who are negative or temp you to stray from your healthy leaving plan. Avoid doubters and negative people, they will pull you down. Surround yourself with positive people that believe in you and want you to succeed. It makes a world of difference!!

Quit beating yourself up! If one thing isn’t working just try a new strategy!

Stop second-guessing yourself! Don’t compare yourself to other people, everyone is unique. Set your next goal now;)
Morning workouts are great! Your metabolism stays elevated for the rest of the day! By working out in the morning, you burn more calories throughout the day.

Muscle burns up to 90% more calories than fat! The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn in a day!

Don’t go crazy counting calories! Focus your effort on boosting your metabolism instead!

Did you know that GARLIC is a powerful natural antibiotic? Garlic has long been considered a ~wonder drug~ with a reputation in folklore for preventing everything from the cold and flu to the plague. 1 clove a day will improve your health . 2-3 cloves will help prevent a cold. Garlic is most effective when crushed/chopped/or raw. How often do u cook with it?

SPICE UP YOUR DIET! Spicy foods may ” heat up” your metabolism as well! You will burn more calories as your body attempts to regulate the temperature. Spices temporarily increase the rate at which your body burns fat. Getting too much can lead to unpleasant side effects. Which spices are good for weight loss? Cayenne, Tumeric, Ginseng

Avoid buying meats that have been processed! Hot dogs & sausages usually have had a lot of salt added to them while being processed. Also processed meats are very dangerous for human consumption because they contain chemical additives that are known to greatly increase the risk of various cancers, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, brain tumors, pancreatic cancer and many more.

Eat less processed meat to live longer! These products almost always contain sodium nitrite & the cancer-causing chemical additive. Processed meat products include: bacon, sausage, pepperoni, beef jerky, deli slices, hot dogs, sandwich meat, ham, meat used in canned soups.
You have to start thinking about yourself positively!:) Allow yourself to make mistakes & then forgive yourself. All people made mistakes. They’ve forgiven themselves, so can you! Do you feel good about yourself ?
Perfection is a very high goal to aim for. Try accept imperfections. Avoid focusing on what shouldn’t have been done… Focus on your strengths instead!

Skipping meals causes ur metabolism to slow down and that causes ur body to hold onto more fat from the meals that you do eat. Skipping meals can actually make you fatter. Skipping meals may seem to make you loose weight at first but when you start to skip meals, you gain twice as much weight once you eat a simple thing.

Drinking too much caffeine can result in anxiety & nervousness. It’s a diuretic and makes you urinate more taking out nutrients & causing dehydration. It promotes a higher heart rate, which in turn may hurt your heart in the long run. The key is moderation;)

If you always do the same workout you will eventually hit a plateau where you fail to see any change. Your body needs to be challenged to progress! Do you modify your workouts every few weeks?

If you always do the same workout you will eventually hit a plateau where you fail to see any change. Your body needs to be challenged to progress! Do you modify your workouts every few weeks?

Select music that inspires you and create the right soundtrack for your cardio. Having great playlist won’t make you a marathon runner but it will help you moving toward the finish line with determination!

Chicken breast is good for you, it is also one of the leanest sources of protein around. And by the way, split chicken breast looks like a heart, so you gotta love it! 😉

Berries can help you boost memory! Blueberries are known for improving motor skills & learning capacity. Strawberries contain fisetin, a flavonoid that improves memory recall. Blackberries & raspberries have other brain power boosting benefits through their antioxidant content

Seeds of wisdom–>Flaxseeds are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Roasted pumpkin seeds contain relaxing tryptophan (help regulate ur appetite, help u sleep better, elevate ur mood) & dry sunflower seeds offer thiamine- form of Vitamin B that improves memory!

Did you know that some foods can help boost your memory? No pea brains here 🙂 The brain is fueled by glucose & as it does not produce its own. Beans (rich in antioxidants, iron & other nutrients) help stabilize blood sugar levels. Green beans, black beans, kidney beans, peas, lentils help energize the brain.

Can some foods make you smarter? Yes. Nuts and seeds might boost your brainpower! Walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds & other seeds and nuts can clear up that “brain fog” and enable you to think clearer and be happier than you ever imagined 🙂

Walnuts are a real brain food! They even look like little brains & the walnut’s hard shell is like a skull 😉 Walnuts, loaded with unsaturated fat, vitamin E, and ellagic acid can lower cholesterol, fight cancer & boost your brainpower! Use them great for baking or cooking, throw some in a salad or just munch on them for a tasty snack.

Feeling tired in the afternoon? Pick up a cucumber! Cucumbers are a great source of Vitamins B and carbohydrates that can provide that quick ” pick-me-up” that can last for hours.

Did u know that cucumbers contain most of the vitamins you need every day? One cucumber contains vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium & Zinc.

My favorite Fitness Tips. Part 3

Did u know that broccoli has more anti cancer compounds than any other vegetable? Broccoli is high in vitamins C, K, A & dietary fiber. Did you know broccoli contains more vitamin C than an orange?

Whole egg contains 75 calories & 6 grams of protein, with 5 grams of fat (2 are saturated) It is full of vitamins & minerals, including vitamins A, B6, B12, E, riboflavin, iron, phosphorous, zinc…1 egg contains 9 essential amino acids. If you’re worried about calories & cholesterol, u can stick to egg whites. 1 egg white has only 17 calories & it’s all protein. It doesn’t apply to chocolate eggs;)

Did u know that moderate consumption of eggs DOES NOT have a negative impact on cholesterol? Regular consumption of 2 eggs per day does not affect a person’s lipid profile & may improve it. Research suggests that it is saturated fat that raises cholesterol rather than dietary cholesterol.
Did you know that eggs are one of the only foods that contain naturally occurring vitamin D?

Dark chocolate has many health benefits, when eaten in moderation! Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, creates endorphins that cheer you up & reduces the level of stress hormones!:)

If u want to start new healthy habit, u should make ur intention very specific: “I’ll walk home from work (twice per week) starting today” or ” I ll do 30 min workout as soon as I get home” instead of just ” exercise more often!

Make changes in your life style – exercise regularly & eat healthy! Think long term! Don’t pretend that bad things happen only to others! Escape the rat race and start investing in your health! Your ability to enjoy money without health will be limited!

Most people focus only on doing tons of abdominal exercises in an effort to get defined abs. Crunches do not burn fat! No amount of ab crunches will create a visible six-pack if you do not burn the layer of fat that covers your abs!

To get 6 pack abs you need to decrease body fat. The most important factor when it comes to ripped abs is nutrition! Balanced clean diet, 5-6 small meals a day, lots of water, core specific exercises & cardio are the keys to get defined abs!

Did you know that there is no way to target specific areas of fat? Doing crunches do not target the fat around your mid-section! Your body burns the fat from all over, not from specific areas!

BEING HAPPY could add 10-15 years to your life! Happiness does not heal, but happiness protects against falling ill. (this is concluded from an analysis of 30 studies) Happiness is something that can be learn, just like healthy eating habits:)

Do u like bananas? Eating 1 banana a day is a healthy choice! Vitamin B6 in bananas plays a pivotal part in cell formation & proper nervous system function. One banana has 34% of the RDA of vitamin B6.

High amounts of potassium in bananas can lower blood pressure, which in turn lessens the possibility of atherosclerosis, heart attack & stroke.The potassium in bananas is means to ensure healthy levels of calcium in the body.

One banana has 11% of the RDA of dietary fiber & about 100 calories. The fiber in bananas keeps digestion regular & helps maintain low blood sugar & curbs overeating. Probability of developing kidney cancer in female subjects decreased by 50% when eating bananas 4-6 times a week, according to Cancer Prevention study.

You should eat a healthy breakfast every day! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Breakfast restores blood sugar levels, gets digestive system moving, supplies you with nutrients that your body needs to function correctly throughout the day.

Without breakfast you’ll slow down your metabolism, lose muscle & decrease your energy. When you skip breakfast, blood sugar drops below the normal level and you experience cravings. What’s your favorite breakfast food?


Great eating habits are essential for good health & will also maximize the way you feel and look!

Positive thinking is more effective then negative thinking when it comes to changing health behaviors!

If u have a negative thought, try to reframe it into a positive one! If u are telling yourself -“I am never gonna get lean because I am skipping my meals again”. Get rid of the negative judgment & reframe it in a more positive way- “I was not good with my diet today. What can I do to get my meals on time tomorrow?”

YOU won’t achieve it, if you don’t believe it! Begin your journey of training with your mind. Training the mind is often overlooked and ignored. Visualize achievement of your goal and believe in success!

Your HEALTHY diet starts with SMART grocery shopping! Eat before you go shopping. Have a grocery list. Read the labels of products.

Remember, if you don’t buy junk, you won’t be tempted to eat it when it’s in your kitchen!

Focus on eating healthily & working out rather than obsessing about weight loss!

Boring, long workouts aren’t the best way to lose body fat. You can get great results from a short 20min high-intensity session. How long you work out isn’t as important as how intense you workout!

5 Fitness Questions with the Queen of Covers, International model & writer Natalia Muntean

1.Tell us about yourself (i.e.. profession, accomplishments etc.)
I was born and raised in Ukraine. I have been successfully modeling since the age of 17.
I move to the U.S. when I was 21 years old and now I live in sunny Sarasota, Florida.

I established myself as an International beauty and bikini model first, and only in 2008 I decided to enter fitness industry and put my name on its map.

I started to compete and winning some of the biggest titles in the fitness industry by training by myself in my own living room without trainers, nutritionists or stylists, just my passion, dedication and 2 rusty dumbbells.
I loved it, I really enjoyed seeing my body change and coolest was that I accomplished it without any elaborate equipment, just the basics.

My titles:
Fitness Model World Champion 2009
Ms Bikini Universe 2009
Ms Bikini Florida 2008

I am a stage coach for new competitors, models; celebrity online trainer to everybody who wants to improve their physiques and lifestyle; a designer of Luxurious and Exclusive Crystal bikini line for fitness and beauty pageant competitors.

Today, I am writing for several International and National publications as an expert columnist (beauty, fashion, fitness and nutrition) and free-lance writer, reaching out to millions of people on every continent.

The magazines I’ve been published as a writer:

Oxygen – North America
Natural Bodz – Australia, Pacific Asia, New Zealand, North America
Ultra-FIT – Europe, Australia, USA
Physique – Dubai
World Physique – Worldwide
Fitness – New Zealand
Health and Fitness – Netherlands, Sweden
Fitness – South Africa
ExtraFit – India, Qatar
Fit and Firm – Worldwide
Moi Ostrov – Greece

I recently took on board 2 more magazines to write for.
My current projects are:

• The Complete Butt and Thighs Training Manual for Every Woman.
• Co-host of Original TV Series on PBS “Pedal America”
• MusclePharm female leading spokesperson.

2. What role does fitness play in your life? What are your future goals?

Fitness plays a huge role in my life; it’s a part of who I am, it’s a part of me.
For me fitness is the essential ingredient in my daily activities that keeps me healthy, focused, fit and healthy. I don’t do it just to look good, although, it’s a great benefit when working out regularly. I do it for my mental sharpness, stress release and overall well-being.
Being a fitness model, physical training gradually entered my life completely transforming my body and my spirit.
My future goals are big and exciting.
My short-term goals:
I am going to co-host “Pedal America” on PBS; launch my training manual and DVD workout series, I am starting on my hard copy book, the title of which I will reveal soon, and a lot of traveling to some gorgeous locations for fitness appearances.

One of my biggest goals is to establish a charity for women and children who suffered domestic violence and abuse and donate part of each sale I make to it. As for right now I joined the charity of my good friend, Yen Nguyen, Creating Smiles that supports veterans and abused women.

Yen is incredible and it is my honor to support her charity.

As for long-term goals, I am working on a few projects that are going to change the industry and I promise to reveal it soon 🙂

3. Who/what inspires you to be the best you can be?

My biggest inspiration for me is my fans who believe I me and send me their support every day. I can’t let them down and procrastinate, I strive to be the best I can be for them and for that little girl inside of me, whom I promised that I’ll make it happen.

4. What is your favorite healthy meal? What is your favorite exercise/activity?
My favorite healthy meal is bell peppers stuffed with chicken and brown rice or quinoa, I can eat it every day. My favorite activity is dancing. It’s my favorite cardio and social activity. You can’t dance and be in a bad mood! It’s so much fun!

5.What is something most people don’t know about you? 😉

Where should I start? Haha. Most people don’t know about me that I come from absolutely nothing. I was born in the village with one hospital and one school and barely survived my birth. I was born fighting. I never had any social privileges or family’s support in my dreams, since they appeared too unrealistic to my family. From a very early age I knew what I wanted and was building my life around it.
From a very early age I was abused by my father and watched my mom and baby-sister being abused by him too. We were beat up by him on regular basis and the environment in my house was very hostile for many years. Then he almost killed my mother and our lives were altered forever. For a while I thought I won’t see my mom again, we lived with my grandparents for several months. Divorce. Fear for our lives. God, I was afraid of my father so much, my heart would stop every time I’d hear his footsteps.
We moved to a new place during the civil conflict between Moldova and Transnistria (where we lived then), people were fighting, killing each other and we heard sirens every day, on top of that my father was scaring the daily light out of us.
I got involved in Martial Arts and it was my sanctuary, my stress-release, my confidence and stamina builder, my fear crusher. Every day of my practice I imagined revenge with my father for my mother’s pain, her fractured skull, her broken nose and ribs, her broken spirit and never ending tears and fear.
One day my father followed me from school and cornered me next to my house.
He pushed me hard against the wall and with an evil smirk on his face asked me to fight him. I was 10 years old. I imagined that moment for a long time; I imagined punching him and suffering physical pain over and over again. I wanted to destroy him. While he was pushing me against the wall and laughing at me, I held my little fists so hard it bled inside. And then I looked up and saw his face… and I forgave him. I didn’t want to fight, I didn’t want him to suffer, I knew he already was, I could see it in his confused eyes. I forgave him and I didn’t want to see him again. And I didn’t for a long time.
My father told us that we’ll crawl back to him hungry and will never survive. Boy was he wrong!

I am sharing this story for women and children who are going through something similar right now, and want to tell you that it can be changed and you can change it. Don’t wait for too long, it doesn’t worth it, and don’t try to hold the broken marriage together with an abuser for your kids. Your kids deserve better. You deserve better. Don’t be afraid, your abuser is the biggest coward out there.
Be alert, prepare and make a move.

Svetlana, thank you so much for your support and friendship! I wish you all the success in the world and hope your readers will find this post useful 🙂
Thank you,

Chicken-Banana Bliss

Fitness recipe Chicken banana bliss Healthy diet

Fitness recipe Chicken banana bliss Healthy diet

Chicken is one of those meats which goes great with just about anything, but have you ever tried it with banana? 😉

  • bananas, cut into long pieces
  • boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • salt free seasoning, pepper
  • small piece of Mozarella cheese
  • a little bit of olive Oil mayo

Pound the chicken breasts with meat hammer (steel hammer works best).

Cover chicken with a thin layer of mayo and sprinkle with seasoning.

Arrange bananas on top of the chicken, cover with thin layer of mayo again and sprinkle with seasoning & mozarella cheese.
Bake untill cooked!

Cooking chicken & bananas together sounds a little strange but I promise, you will love this easy & delicious chicken-banana bliss!

Svetlana’s 5 Fitness Questions with Fitness Celebrity Obi Obadike

1. Tell us about yourself (i.e.. profession, accomplishments etc.)
Well I am a fitness author/writer, sponsored athlete with Muscle-Pharm and a professional fitness model and personal trainer. I’ve been blessed to have accomplished some wonderful things in the fitness industry. Over the past 3 years I’ve been on over 20 magazine covers, won the 2010 WBFF male fitness world title. I’ve travelled all over the world making guest appearances at bodybuilding/fitness shows and fitness expos. I am also a fitness expert columnist for more than 9 fitness magazines globally and I’ve been arguably the most published male fitness model internationally since 2009. If somebody would have told me in 2 or 3 years I would be doing what I am doing in the fitness industry right now I wouldn’t believe them.

Sometimes I really don’t believe what is going in my fitness career because I didn’t envision this when I first started but I am just a regular guy who works so hard at things that I am passionate about. I think most people in the industry can respect my work ethic. Jamie Eason paid me a great compliment when we are in Australia when we were giving a seminar together she said, “Obi is the hardest working male fitness model in the industry that I know”. I was flattered when she said that to so many people that were listening to us speaking at the expo.

2. What role does fitness play in your life? What are your future goals?

Fitness plays in my life in a way where it allows me to use this global platform that I have to help out as many people as I can get in the best shape possible. There is no greater feeling hearing that somebody has accomplished their fitness goals through your help. I really love the ability to motivate, inspire and educate people to live healthy lives. My future goals is to hopefully host my own fitness TV show as I believe television is the ultimate medium to help a large number of people to get fit and healthy. Another goal is to continue to grow my name bigger globally in the fitness industry. I am kind of branded myself as this international guy and I really love it because there are so many countries outside the U.S. that don’t have a fitness role model to look up to in regards to being fit so I embrace being a role model to kids and adults in India, Africa, Vietnam., Australia, Singapore, etc. I love getting those emails from fans in those respective countries. My fans truly give me the energy to continue my journey in the fitness industry. I would be nothing in the industry without them truly.

3. Who/what inspires you to be the best you can be?

What inspires me to be the best I can be first of all the fans that look up to me and gain inspiration by posting a photo or posting a fitness tip or sharing a fitness article. Also what motivates me are knowing that there are so many minorities that want to attain success in the fitness industry and are motivated by my success. A lot of them look up to me for inspiration because the industry is very scarce of successful black fitness models. I still remember and I will never forget when an editor told me not long ago that “Blacks cover will never sell”. We will put him in the magazine but I can’t put a black guy on the cover of my magazine.” I keep that as a bulletin board material for me anytime I am getting ready for a photo-shoot for a cover. I really try to be transparent and honest about the discrimination I’ve dealt with in this fitness industry because I think it is important for people to understand how hard it is for me and black fitness models period have to go through just to grace a cover of a fitness magazine. Even though I am ripped and I have decent abs I have to work 10 times harder than my peer to get on these covers.

It is so difficult for any ethnic fitness model to have success in the fitness industry but I do believe modestly speaking that the success that I have had has motivated so many Blacks, Asians, Hispanics that say to themselves if he can do then I can do it. I think the success I’ve had as an African-American fitness model gives hope to other minorities that they can attain the same success if they work hard. I am just trying to open the doors wide open for all minorities so they don’t have to go through the discrimination what I went through in this industry. So I try to work hard not only for myself and for my family but also for those aspiring ethnic fitness models and all of my fans of all races that support me.

4. What is your favorite healthy meal? What is your favorite exercise?

My favorite healthy meal is broiled chicken and my favorite exercise is pull-ups.

5. What is something most people don’t know about you?;)

I am known in the industry as this self-promoter but what most people don’t know is I feel so uncomfortable talking about what I’ve done accomplishment wise when you meet me face to face. If you ask me what do you have going on right now in the industry or what have you done in your career when you meet me. I always try to deflect that question and say I am just working hard or I say I feel blessed with what I’ve done. Unless you know me very well then I feel comfortable to talk about what I am doing in the industry but I typically will never tell you if you ask me in person what I am doing in the industry and what I’ve done. I feel very uncomfortable in fact I had to train myself to be comfortable talking promoting myself on facebook. Before I used to have someone do it for me because I didn’t feel right doing it myself on facebook.

So the face-book marketing side of me is totally different then the guy you meet in person. When I promote on facebook it is 100 percent business when you meet me in person 9 out of 10 times you will never hear me say anything about what I’ve done in the industry you would have to find that out on facebook or on my website. So what’s interesting about that there is those two sides of me the facebook side and the person you meet face to face which are very contradictory. I am very down to earth when you meet me and I don’t feel comfortable talking about my accolades and what I have in the fire when you meet me in person. So that is what most people don’t know is that I am totally different then the face-book/twitter guy that markets himself like crazy. It’s actually quite funny when you think about it 🙂

Svetlana’s 5 Fitness Questions with Vancouver Star Food Reporter Erin Ireland

1. Tell us about yourself (i.e.. profession, accomplishments etc.)

After graduating from Winthrop University in South Carolina, where I played NCAA Division 1 volleyball for four years, I moved home to Vancouver and began my career in broadcasting. The two years I spent working at CTV were crucial to my development as a broadcaster. I met so many wonderful people there who became friends, but who also helped propel my career.

I realized that news wasn’t my passion, so moved on to entertainment news. An opportunity hosting ‘FMA Entertainment Weekly’ (FMA stands for fashion, music, art), arose. I ended up hosting the show for three seasons.

During this time, I realized that my favorite interviews involved chefs and restaurants. Food had always been a passion, but it was at this time that I realized I needed to give it my complete focus.

Soon after, I began writing a bi-monthly column for Vancouver View Magazine called, ‘To Die For Face’ (a term I’ve coined that signifies ‘that face we all make at the taste of to die for food’), and subsequently, a weekly column called, ‘Lunch Rush’ for Metro Newspaper. Recently, I’ve begun reporting about these food adventures on Vancouver’s Entertainment Talk Show, Urban Rush.

Another main goal is to develop a line of products under my brand: ‘It’s To Die For’ My signature item is banana bread. Currently, I’m interviewing bakers who will produce the bread, hopefully for distribution to Vancouver’s two Whole Foods locations.

2. What role does fitness play in your life? What are your future goals?

Fitness plays a huge role in my life. Without it, I’d probably be double the size I am now. Food is one of my main passions in life and I love to indulge. Working out allows me to do this, while remaining a healthy size 4. I run most days of the week, which is also a great stress-reliever. During these times, I brainstorm my next food column.

As for future goals, I’ve considered training for marathons. For now, I simply plan to maintain my current physical condition.

3. Who/what inspires you to be the best you can be?

My boyfriend Darren. He is the healthiest person I know, leading an extremely balanced lifestyle of work, play, indulgence, and moderation. As for female role models, you inspire me, Svetlana. You’ve been the perfect running partner and given me amazing motivation. I remember watching your first WBFF show and feeling as though a switch inside me had been turned on. Motivation to work out and eat very healthfully poured into me after seeing your incredibly toned, fit, beautiful body on stage. Knowing you and seeing your determination makes it easier for me to believe that I can do it, too.

4. What is your favorite healthy meal? What is your favorite exercise/activity?

Favorite healthy meals:
Breakfast: my special cereal concoction made of all-bran or oatmeal, baked bananas, frozen blueberries, lots of cinnamon, soy yogurt, soy milk, and chocolate protein powder — it’s like dessert.

Lunch: a big salad with lots of protein: chicken, shrimp, tofu; also, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, goat cheese, and avocado. Dressing: lemon juice, balsamic and a bit of olive oil.

Dinner: barbecued chicken and lots of vegetables, smothered in chopped garlic and fresh rosemary, misted with olive oil: asparagus, onion, peppers, and kobacha squash are my usuals.

Dessert: baked banana, dark chocolate, and almonds.

5. What is something most people don’t know about you?;)

While playing volleyball in university, I weighed 155 lbs and was often confused as a bodybuilder. As a freshman, I was given the nickname ‘Jeter’ and it stuck. No one knew my real name until my senior year when I insisted on being referred to as Erin. To this day, if I pick up the phone and hear, ‘Hi, is this Jeter?’, I know it’s one of my former teammates.

Nothing can beat your desire! The Story of Siberian Tigress – Svetlana Romanova.


Hello everyone,

I promised you to share with you some of the most inspiring stories of people I meet in my life. I feel so blessed and fortunate to be able to meet people that I meet and have the friends that I have.

This story that I am about to share with you is about a woman that I’ve met at the WBFF World Championship, we shared the same Pro Green Room and boy, was it fun! We clicked instantaneously with Svetlana and became friends since then. Every conversation we have is at least 3 hours long, haha, and it still is not enough – we always laugh and never reach the lows in our conversations, it’s always fun!

Svetlana is the Siberian spirit through and through! She is strong, she is hard-working, she is gorgeous and she has a very big and kind heart on top of that. This girl is a survivor and so few people know her story. Although her journey is much more complex, I am much honored to be able to tell a small part her story here.

Here is our recent interview:

1. Svetlana, how did you start in fitness?

After a serious back and multiple knee injuries I could no longer compete in moguls. I was feeling lost and depressed. When I started to walk again, I enrolled in a group fitness leader course.

To be honest I did not like fitness at the beginning. But I had promised myself that I will try a new career and would not give up. I set up a new goal and was trying to find my lost happiness.

After each workout my knee was swollen and my friend, who was a nurse, had to puncture my knee joint each time in order for me to be able to continue working out next day. It was painful and annoying but I decided to be patient. In a few months I became a certified fitness trainer.

A few months later me and my friend borrowed some money and opened fitness club in the city of Tomsk. Later we separated our businesses and each of us ran our own clubs. I successfully ran my enterprise for 5 years until I moved to Canada. I had the best team and wonderful people in my club. It was my family, my world, my life!

I started competing last year in the fitness competitions. I competed for the first time at the WBFF BC Championship in April 2010. I became an overall champion in Fitness Model category, got a PRO card and also placed 3rd in Bikini Model competition. It was great experience for me and it proved my theory that NOTHING CAN BEAT YOUR DESIRE.

September, 2010 I competed at the World Championships (it was my second competition ever) and I made the top 5. I plan to compete in the World Championship in August 2011 and I’m currently looking for a sponsorship.

2. Svetlana, I know that your professional career as a freestyle skier has a very interesting story. Please, share your story with my readers!

I have always been an active child, but I never participated in any sport, I was not an athletic kid.

I never thought about being a professional athlete.

One day I went for a walk with my friends and saw freestyle skiers going down the slope and doing aerial jumps, flying through the air… I stopped and could not breathe. I felt something very strong and strange happening inside of me. I had such a strong emotion when I saw athletes doing flips in the air; I felt pain in my heart physically. Since that moment my life changed completely. I woke up in the morning and set a big long term goal to become a professional freestyle skier.

I was 16 years old and I never skied before in my life. It was too late to start professional mogul career. But I did not want to listen to anyone and I decided to do something I have never done before. I wanted to come out from my loser’s shell. I started to truly believe that one day people will see me competing at the International competitions.

In the summer time Freestyle skiers were training outside and I was sitting in the bushes every day and writing down all the exercises they performed. Then I repeated them myself at home (small apartment) and outside. My neighbors and my parents thought that I went crazy because I was spending all my time jumping on the stairs in my building and doing pull ups outside with a little boys. J I did it for a month and after I got some moves and knowledge down I approached the coach and asked for a try-out. It was a miracle, but I passed and was accepted into the sports school. But this was during the summer so I still had to prove myself in the winter as well. Being a mogul skier was my biggest dream, so I was ready to do whatever it takes!

When the first snow covered the land, we went training on the slope. I was scared that it could be my last day being on the team if my coach will see that I am not a skier. So when the coach said “go downhill with wide turns” I did not say anything. I just closed my eyes, pushed off and went straight down the slope… I hit a tree right away and had injured my hip. That was the day when my coach realized that I was crazy about moguls and decided to keep me. 🙂

The first year of skiing was horrible and very hard for me. I was falling down every second and even kids in my sports school laughed at me. But I believed in myself and focused all of my energy to get through that shame. It was my hope and I could not lose it. It was my chance to stop being a loser and to become strong.

My parents and my friends thought that I got mental. I was so focused and I did not want to miss not a minute to get closer to my dream. When I realized that I don’t have time and need to work 100 times more than other athletes I decided to go extreme with my training.

I set up a goal to do splits (which helped me to perform better mogul jumps), I was stretching every 3 hours every day and I even set up an alarm at night as well, so I could do it faster 🙂

Rocky was my hero and the example of how I needed to train.

It is only a few months of snow in Russia, even in Siberia, so I decided not to miss my ski practice and at the summer-spring time I was working on my technique in my apartment, I was jumping over old clothes on the floor wearing ski boots and skies. My neighbors definitely was not happy at that point 🙂

Within a year of intense practices I started to compete in my region. Next year I went to Russian Championship and it was also the first time when I saw real mountains. Mogul course was placed in the middle of the slope and looked very scary to me. In Siberia we trained on just a small 200 meters hill. So I fell several times until I finished my course in the first big competition and I bet it was very funny to watch my performance. After that trip I started training as hard as I could.

Later I competed with the National Russian Olympic team for several years. It was an amazing time of my life! Mogul gives you an enormous adrenaline kick, a feeling which is just beyond words! I loved speed, power and I felt like a hero 🙂

I always admired brave people and that was something I was missing.

When I was a teenager in order to get fearless, I planned to overcome my fears by facing them. It sounds crazy now, but to overcome fears I walked on the edge of the roof of 9-story apartment complex (a little stupid, huh? J) Once after watching a scary movie, I decided to force myself to walk across a cemetery in the middle of the night alone. To clarify, Russian cemeteries are far worse than well taken care of and gated North-American cemeteries.

The one I walked through was very old and reminded me of a scene from a horror movie. I walked to one end of the cemetery and then got so scared and ran as fast as an Olympic champion on the way back. I guess my experiment failed 🙂

The very first mogul jump was also extremely scary for me. I didn’t sleep the entire night prior to this event and my knees where shaking. But every time I overcame small challenges, it helped me build my confidence more and more.

I stopped competing in Moguls because of my injuries. I only can enjoy light skiing as a “tourist” now..
3. I know you have the Siberian spirit, large Russian soul and such a natural beauty that radiates from the inside out. Svetlana, what was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your life as a person and how did you deal with it?

Thank you so much for your kind words Natalia! It means a lot to me.

My biggest obstacle that I had to overcome was the suicide attempts. I had serious psychological trauma when I was 6 years old. It had a huge influence in my life. I was scared, hopeless child with no confidence. I was behaving and feeling like a loser. I was a loser in everything and most importantly in my mind.

Sport saved me. It gave me desire to live and it gave me hope. I decided to build my new happy life with successful me in it.

A few years later when I was in my best shape, I got serious back injury. I jumped too high, lost control and couldn’t land properly. All my dreams and hopes were ruined again.

It was difficult for me to stay in the bed for quite a long time. DOCTORS TOLD ME THAT I WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO COMPETE AGAIN. I REFUSED TO BELIEVE IT.

I discovered a book called, “Story of a real man”, which told the tale of an amputee. I’ve read it multiple times. It made me realize the great power of the human spirit! I began training in my bed with weights first and when I started to walk again. I started to train harder than ever before. One year later, I returned to the sport to compete with the Russian National team.

And I am happy it happened to me because it changed my personality in many ways and helped me to become a stronger person.

4. What is your business now?

I work as a personal and online trainer at

I also teach group fitness classes and do modeling projects.

5. What are your goals in the near future?

I want to become successful in a new country and then help and inspire people worldwide! 🙂

6. Where can my readers find you?
Svetlana, thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with us. You are a true beauty inside and out, strong, determined and very honest! I know that your story will help so many people to stop being afraid to follow their dreams. You are the epitome of hard worker, who truly believes in her dream, prevailing any obstacles on the way to the ultimate goal.

You overcame tough life and avoided the bad influences by training hard and following your dream. You overcame the injury that could easily paralyze you for life and kept training to not just walk again, but compete in the Russian National Championship and win.

You moved to another country and you are following your goals with the determination and strength of Siberian Tigress.

I wish you all the success in the world and can’t wait to see you on stage shining like a star that you are.

Now get up and follow your dream!


Click and read the interview at

Eggs of Stuffed Happiness

mozzarella cheese

radishes/ cucumber/ carrots
black pepper
dill or parsley
tails of the radishes or beets

Boiled eggs cut in half. Remove yolk.
Stuffing: shredded cheese, egg yolks & garlic.
Another stuffing: yolks, avocado, greens, herbs & mayo mixed together.
Stuff egg whites with the mix and decorate the eggs.

sliced ​​radishes/carrot/cucumber-years
black pepper- eyes,nose

cut upper part of the egg white, then boil for 3 minutes in a very strong tea.

red pepper- comb and beak
yellow pepper- wings and tail

Serve on lettuce leaves. Happy Easter 🙂

Zucchini Wrapped Chicken in Tomato Sauce

small zucchini
boneless, skinless chicken thighs
salt free seasoning, pepper, garlic
mango salsa/any other salsa or tomato sauce

Remove fat from the chicken thighs and put them in your favorite tomato sauce or salsa for a few minutes.

Slice the zucchini using a peeler or a mandolin. Cut 1/2 zucchini into small pieces.

Put zucchini pieces and garlic inside of the chicken thighs and wrap them in sliced zucchini.

Insert a tooth pick in the center of each. Sprinkle with seasoning and put mango salsa or any tomato sauce on top.

Bake until chicken is cooked. Goes great with steamed veggies or brown rice.


Strawberry-Spinach Heaven

My favorite salad. It’s a quick and easy recipe to make, and it is incredibly tasty! It also looks beautiful on the plate!

I never create meals by measuring ingredients, I just eyeball it. You can add or remove whatever you are in the mood for 🙂

tomatoes sliced / cherry tomatoes
spinach / or spring mix, celery
pecans / or walnuts
cucumber sliced
1/2 avocado diced
fresh strawberries sliced
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar/ you can also add 1 tablespoon olive oil

Toss all together in a bowl. Enjoy!

Also try adding feta and grapes! Bon Appetit!

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